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Get it fixed

We can give your bike a free MOT and will fix any minor repairs on the spot.

We offer courses to help you enjoy hassle-free riding and avoid repairs.

There's also advice, guidance and support so you can complete repairs yourself.

Dr Bike Service

At our free Dr Bike sessions our qualified mechanics will give your bike a full MOT. We will fix any minor repairs on the spot and we can also replace brake blocks and cables, oil your chain and repair punctures. If we find anything more serious we will inform you of the problem and recommend you take it to a local bike shop.

Maintenance Courses

CycleBoost's 'Intro to Bike Maintenance' is a 4 session course that covers all the basic skills you need to maintain your bike at home.

The course is aimed at complete newcomers to bike maintenance and will covers cleaning and lubrication, wheel removal and puncture repair, brakes, gear adjustment and chains.

Want to know more about bike maintenance?

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