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Loan a bike

Loan a bike - it's free for up to three months!

So, if you live or work in Rotherham, you can give cycling a go.

Not only do you get the bike, you also get essential kit such as helmets, locks and lights.

What's available

Pedal and electric bikes are available to hire for people cycling to work, looking for work or who want to reduce the costs of commuting.

free bike hire

Track your journeys

During the time you have your bike you will need to log how much you use it. We provide online tools and phone apps to enable you to keep a record. People with limited access to the internet can keep paper journals of how they get on with their bike.

Free maintainence is included

We will maintain your bike throughout the loan period.

Large discounts if you buy

At the end of the loan period participants can buy a bike from a local bike shop for a large discount off the normal retail price.

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